They are the noble souls who provide us with the opportunity to better our skills and ourselves: lesson horses. They are hardworking, treasured, and essential members of any equestrian facility. Under normal circumstances, they also earn their keep. The funds generated from the lesson program help cover the cost of their grain, hay, supplements, farrier care, veterinary care, and medications, and assist the farm in keeping its staff employed.

In an effort to be a part of “flattening the curve,” Executive Farms made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend its lesson program. In doing so, we essentially put our lesson horses out of work, but the costs associated with their upkeep remain unchanged.

We have established a temporary sponsorship program for the benefit of these amazing horses. There are multiple options with accompanying benefits for the sponsor, including our special Executive Farm COVID-19 edition shirt!

We thank you for your kind consideration and look forward to seeing you at the barn … hopefully sooner than later!

In Memory Of What a Masterpiece aka Arnie

What a Masterpiece “Arnie” is a 26 year old registered American Saddlebred gelding. He has been part of the Executive Farms family for 15 years. He is semi retired now but still loves to have his special time with his tiny tots. Arnie will always be the one with his nose sticking out of his stall begging for treats.

The Ballroom Blitz aka Blitz

The Ballroom Blitz is a 20 year old registered American Saddlebred mare who has recently moved from Exclusive show horse to academy horse. She has also found a new calling in the hunter division. “Blitz” favorite treat is, well everything sweet!

Heartlands Heart of Blue aka Blue

Heartlands Heart of Blue is a adorable hackney pony who is packed full of love and personality. “Blue” loves his kids and is great at riding, driving and showmanship.


Boris is a 22 year old Morgan gelding who is full of personality. His favorite snack is bananas and pickles!

Nostringsattached aka Charlie

Nostringsattached “Charlie” is a 30 year old registered paint gelding. He has been at Executive Farms for over 20 years. He is one of the only horses I know that doesn’t like apples. He is semi retired and still loves to do a peewee lesson from time to time.

CH Cadets Son aka Diego

CH Cadets Son is one our adored hackney lesson ponies. He loves teaching riding and driving lessons. Lots of energy packed in that small body.

Victors Legacy aka Elmer

Victor’s Legacy is a 8 year old American Saddlebred gelding who excels in our academy and elite show team programs. Full of personality “Elmer” always demands attention when he hears visitors at the barn.

In Memory of Worthy's Windfall aka Gusto

Worthy’s Windfall “Gusto” is a 24 year old registered American Saddlebred gelding. He came to Executive Farms at the age of 5 and was shown in Park, Show Pleasure, Equitation and Walk/Trot before becoming a lesson/academy horse. In the past year we’ve discovered his like and talent as a western horse along with his other duties.


Jericho is the king of all our beginner lessons. He is in his late teens and a quarter horse cross. He has the biggest heart and is never in a rush to get anywhere,

Docs Vitally Noticed aka Wooten

Docs Vitally Noticed is the 22 year old registered quarter horse gelding known and loved by Wooten. Wooten does it all from western, Huntseat, showmanship and trail. He can be sweet and kind or he can be a challenge and pain.